Coronavirus Update

Schuyler Family Dentistry Is Open!

I am excited to announce that under guidance by Governor Brown, the CDC, OSHA and the ADA, our practice is open to patient care. Prior to your scheduled appointment, you will receive a call from our office with a questionnaire and information on our updated protocols and procedure for checking into your appointment from your vehicles.

Our team will continue to go above and beyond the expectations and recommendations for healthcare facilities to ensure the utmost safety of our patients and staff. Here are a few of the updates I am proud to share with you:

  • Pre-appointment screening and temperature checks. This same protocol is followed for all team members.
  • No contact check-in from your vehicle.
  • The increased utilization of phone, email and tele-dentistry for pre-appointment evaluations and post-operative evaluations to minimize in-office discussion and paperwork.
  • Fewer and spaced out appointments to ensure proper distancing and time between patients.
  • Highest level of PPE utilized including all team members fit-checked for and equipped with N95 masks to be worn with Level 3 surgical masks and face shields overtop.
  • Aerosol-free hygiene appointments.
  • Novaerus hospital grade central air filtration system installed. Novaerus technology has undergone dozens of independent laboratory tests, case studies and clinical trials which have shown this technology to safely and effectively reduce bacteria, viruses, VOCs and particulate matter.
  • Installation of Vanguard Gold Mobile extraoral dental suction to safely capture any chairside aerosols not captured by our Isolite internal suction and normal chairside suctions. This aerosol vacuum unit also utilizes a powerful HEPA filter.


It goes without saying that my commitment to your care goes beyond the necessary or what is mandated. I appreciate your patience and understanding throughout this challenging time and am so happy to welcome you back into our office!


Joshua Schuyler, DMD
Jennifer O'Connor, DMD
Allen Rasmussen, DMD

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